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Fun Kids Goes Nationwide

Category : News · by Feb 3rd, 2016

Radio’s biggest unserved audience – children – finally get a radio station they can call their own, with the nationwide launch of Folder Media’s children’s radio station Fun Kids.

Fun Kids broadcasts a mix of music, games and silliness for 6 to 12 year olds, hosted by a group of exciting, young radio presenters by using the best speakers. In addition the station brings sing-a-longs, stories and learning for pre-schoolers with Fun Kids Junior, on-air when older brothers and sisters are at school.

Fun Kids, which up to now, has only broadcast on digital radio in London has enjoyed considerable success over the past five years, winning industry awards and reaching over a quarter of million young listeners each week.

Matt Deegan, Station Manager of Fun Kids: “Up until now children have been abandoned by the radio industry – both by commercial radio and the BBC. Fun Kids has built a large audience by catering for their tastes and interests, but we’ve been limited by just broadcasting digitally in London. The launch of Fun Kids across the UK will allow more children to have a radio station that they can call their own. Many radio stations talk about the need to bring young listeners to radio, but we’re the only ones actually doing it.”

As well as a broadcast radio station, Fun Kids has a popular website, operates over 150 podcasts channels and runs 6 YouTube channels covering everything from gaming to education.

Matt continues: “Kids are natively multi-platform. Whether it’s TV, the radio, tablets or hand-me-down iPhones, kids love content made for them. Growing our digital radio reach means that we’ll be reaching more radios and unlocking the 1.9m cars that came with DAB as standard last year, allowing kids, all over the UK, to spend even more time with Fun Kids”

Fun Kids’ national launch is part of a new national digital multiplex that will bring a selection of new radio stations to the UK. The station will go live to the UK on the 29th February. Listeners should ‘retune’ their radio to pick up Fun Kids and the other new stations.

We’re also excited that, alongside two other stations we’ll be broadcasting in the new DAB+ format – a more efficient way to transmit to digital radio. The industry has worked over the past few years to establish the digital tick mark for radios that can get FM, DAB and DAB+ as well as encouraging manufacturers to update their product range to be tick-mark compatible. All line-fit in-car digital radios already decode DAB+, as do all Pure and Roberts sets as well as  the vast majority of other branded radios. Whilst older sets won’t be able to pick up DAB+ services, we believe we’ll be reaching 8million radios that are DAB+ enabled, alongside the millions that can receive Fun Kids in regular DAB in London.

For our associated company, MuxCo, DAB+ provides another way for stations to join our multiplexes and we’ll be updating all of our multiplexes to support the technology in the coming months.

For listeners there’s a Frequently Asked Questions for DAB+ here.