Folder Media

Folder Media was created in 2007 to be a radio company with a difference – that difference being a focus on digital radio and new media in all its guises and complexities.

Whilst there are a variety of radio companies and consultants in the UK, we are the only one that specialises on digital radio and the only one that is not solely programming or sales focused.

There are five core elements to Folder Media’s business:

  • We are an investor in radio businesses (Fun Kids, MuxCo among others)
  • We produce content and manage projects for broadcasters and brands
  • We make technology for radio and media companies
  • We provide multiplex management services (with clients including Wireless Group and MuxCo)
  • We provide advice and consultancy to a variety of organisations

As an investor in radio businesses, we currently hold a number of strategic investments in local DAB multiplexes (through our subsidiary company, MuxCo Ltd).

As a content producer, we make content for a whole range of companies from BBC Radio 1 to the Intellectual Property Office. We also create technology for people ranging from the UK Radioplayer and the BBC.

As multiplex manager, we oversee the day-to-day management of Wireless Group’s multiplexes, and the MuxCo multiplexes.

As consultants, we are a multi-discipline organisation with experience in business planning, brand licensing, market intelligence and audience research, business strategy, launch planning, digital distribution and online opportunities, as well as radio programming.

We have substantial experience in radio management, research, corporate and strategic planning and in the development of digital radio services. We also have considerable experience in digital radio, with a strong track record in creating and managing innovative radio stations, new licence applications and delivering successful multiplexes.

We have also developed Fun Kids into a broad multi-platform kids brand with a radio station, website, family newsletter, 100 podcast channels, iPad app and video producer.

In other words, we’re here to help companies navigate, and do well, in the digital world. Just get in touch so we can hear about what you’re up to.