Upload Hero

Upload Hero

This is a pilot of an interactive serial called Upload Hero. In it, young amateur YouTubers are all taking part in a competition to win tickets to the illustrious VlogCon. However, as they are set more and more challenges, all is not what it seems. The rivals end up working together to unmask the shadowy Challengers.

In this interactive pilot, we see Zack’s journey as he discovers the competition and does well in the first round.


The series is designed to be watched in short-form videos on the CBBC website and syndicated partner sites. Viewers would watch it in the same way that they watch existing vloggers’ YouTube channels – following their favourites and being exposed to new creators in collaboration videos. The narrative unfolds as each of our characters discover it, sharing it with the audience. As it seems to be in real-time, the audience have the ability to comment on videos and upload their own contributions. Elements of this activity can then be combined with the more fixed narrative elements.

Each short-form piece will be a stand alone video. For ease of use we’ve combined what would be a few videos into a single package.

Interactive Pilot

In the below embed, you can click on options to play longer elements, which fold back into the narrative after they’ve finished.


To download/watch the traditional files, click on the links below: