Traffic Radio for the Highways Agency

In 2008, the Highways Agency appointed a consortium comprising Global Traffic Networks, All in Media and Folder Media to operate and manage their Traffic Radio service.

Traffic Radio is a network of six radio stations that are broadcast to over 30 English DAB Digital Radio multiplexes, streamed online at and through occasional FM and AM RSLs (restricted service licences).

From July 1st the consortium will be responsible for all aspects of the Traffic Radio service from collecting the travel information, getting travel presenters to record it, assembling each of the stations and then distributing it to the various platforms.

Folder is responsible for all of the transmission and distribution elements of the service. This has necessitated us talking to all of the multiplex operators, arranging installation of the multiplexing gear, building a new website and arranging up a hosting and streaming provider. We’re also responsible for organising and managing the RSL programme and providing up-to-date transmission reports about all of the broadcast activity.

All of these different elements mean we’ve identified and worked with a cross-section of external suppliers, all of whom can bring their particular expertise to the project.