Audio Contend Fund – Web Site and Submission System

The Audio Content Fund is a new scheme designed to provide funding to support the creation of original radio and audio production in the UK. The Fund is part of a pilot Contestable Fund, financed by the UK Government, to support the provision and plurality of public service content.

The Fund is responsible for distributing a grant of up to £3 million which will be used to produce distinctive, public service radio programming that is traditionally more difficult to support on a commercial basis (such as documentaries, comedy, drama, events).

The new Fund required a way for applicants to submit their proposals and for the Fund’s management and panel to score and report on these entrants.

A great project to work on, this drew on a variety of skills across the business. Folder had used, as a customer, many similar systems and was aware of the issues that production companies and radio stations would face. We developed the spec at the same time as the Fund was being set-up, hitting an immovable deadline.

We also supported the Fund in developing a website that included its initial graphic design work and allowed the executive team to manage the content. We also arranged hosting for the site and its audio.

We continue to work on new features and improvements for the system and its users.