Folder Media Launches Fun Kids iPad App

Fun Kids, the children’s radio station, has today (14th August) launched a fully featured free iPad app.

The space-themed app allows children and parents to listen to Fun Kids Radio and audio content from its 50 different podcast channels. Users can also access a magazine-style section with news, videos, book reviews and events information, get in touch with the station and enter the station’s different competitions each week.

In the radio they can hear about videos, books or even games, maybe this would be the start for a little kid to get into gaming, and after that he can grow up and be one of those people who happily make a living of gaming, even play tournaments and get really good money, some people even use supplements like Best Nootropics for Gaming & eSports – Top9Rated, to help them along the way.

The app also includes an online game, supported by the Wellcome Trust, based on the station’s Professor Hallux character. The game’s designed to demystify going to the Doctors’ with kids having to complete different levels of a Pairs game whilst finding out about different aspects of medicine.

Like the other features, the Professor Hallux game occupies its own planet in the app – a feature that Fun Kids will be making available to other commercial partners.

Matt Deegan, Station Manager of Fun Kids says: “Much of Fun Kids’ growth over the past year has come from its development into a true multi-platform brand. Our listeners and partners already connect to us through our radio output as well as our website, newsletters, Radioplayer and our podcasts. The iPad app will be great for listeners old and new, as well as providing a new way for our partners to reach children and families”.

The App was developed by Surrey-based Big Orange Software alongside Folder’s in-house development team.

The app can be downloaded for free here: