Fun Kids Presenters Become ‘Fun Direction’

Fun Direction

Fun Kids, Folder Media’s children’s radio station, has today (16th February) released their own version of One Direction’s Kiss You music video.

The video idea came from a discussion between weekend presenters Josh and Hannah about whether it would be possible to duplicate the video of the boyband’s recent hit. Josh took up the challenge and rounded up fellow weekend presenters Hannah, Sean and Jamie to join him in making the video.

All this week, Fun Kids listeners have been hearing about how the production of the video’s been going and it was announced this afternoon that listeners could now watch it on YouTube and the Fun Kids website –

Station Manager, Matt Deegan says: “It’s always fun to hook listeners with an evolving story. This was a great opportunity for presenters to appear in different dayparts of the radio station and introduce themselves to new listeners.

Matt continues “We’re also always keen to tell new people about Fun Kids and we hope the video is shared by young 1D fans who’ll get to learn about Fun Kids and that we love them as much they do”.

As well as the main video, the Fun Kids website has a full behind the scenes section with photo gallery, making of video and information about all the presenters who took part.

The video was produced and edited with Fun Kids’ production partner Create.